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Fratos Magazine Ad

Frato's Eatery

This advertisement shown was created for a local eatery
known as Frato's that has a 50s diner theme. And I thought
it was only fitting to have a similar theme to the ads. Using
custom vintage cartoons to help portray this idea seemed to
fit well. There was a magazine ad, bus ad, billboard, and
mall standee created with different characters on each one.
Port-A-Blue Magazine Ad


The advertisement displayed is for a fictional product that I called
the Port-a-Blue. It is a wireless Bluetooth storage device. The slogan
of "Plugging in is out" conveys that all the old ways of connecting
are obsolete and wireless is now the way to go. The created vector art
illustrates a fun picture and gets the message across. This set had a
billboard, magazine ad and an internet banner.
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