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Identity Header

Artie Shaw

The images to the left are from an identity
that I created for the famous clarinetist
and big band leader Artie Shaw. After creating
the identity we then created a process book of
how everything came to be. On the left are two
spreads from the process book.

Inferno Hookah Lounge

Shown here is some of the process work that
went into creating the redesign of the logo
for Inferno Hookah Lounge. This was one of the
better clients I have worked with. Redesigning
this logo was fun, and thankfully the work
didn't stop there.

My Logo - PottyPlant

My Personal Logo: PottyPlant

These four squares were part of my
process work to create and finalize
my personal logo. With having such a
simple name i wanted to make sure
that who ever you are, you remember
me. And to take a comical approach
seemed to fit me the best and people
tend to respond well to laughter, so
I saw this as a win/win for me.
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