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The Evolution of Light

The images shown are of a promotional packaging that I created
from scratch to help promote energy saving light bulbs. I was given
these exact bulbs while entering a Wal-Mart a few years ago in
small plain boxes. I thought they should be presented better if
anyone wants to be more interested in helping save energy.
My vision was to play on the evolution of light. It began with
fire and match books and has changed into many forms over the years.

Holistic Healing

The project titled Holistic Healing was created as a give-a-way
for a certain spa. It was made to promote self healing while
away from the spa or in between visits. There are a total of
three objects in the envelope I created, each promoting a
different task; massages, manicures/pedicures and facials.
The three main items recieved by the consumer help explain
what a certain task is and how to complete it properly.

Olde Williamsburg Candles

The image shown is the final outcome of a redesigning of
the Olde Williamsburg candles that you can usually find
at most grocery stores for a dollar. The original design
they had, I felt, was slightly unappealing. The candles
themselves smell quite nice, but we are a visual society,
so just the smell won't cut it for us. Adding "fresh"
pictures and giving the classic wood grain box helped
the overall look become more appealing.

Condom MINTS

This was a printed collateral piece created for informing
parents about the dangers of underage sex. I feel that teenagers
are having sex at too early of an age and it is the parents job
to inform them. This mint package looks like it has a condom
inside but that unfolds to a fact about underage sex. There are
3 different facts that each parent can get and this fact is folded
up and wrapped in what appears to be a condom, but it is actually
just a clear wrapped with a picture.
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