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He Might Be Giant

To the left is a spread from the article I
designed about Shepard Fairey, the famous
artist/designer. He is most recognized for his OBEY
icon of Andre the Giant which took off to be a
nationwide campaign of many followers. Shepard
has been one of my influences through the past
few years. His ability to stay driven and focused
on what he does and continue to produce great
work is amazing.

Pactiv: We've Got It Covered

The following spread shown was from the annual
report that we recreated. I chose the company
called Pactiv that specializes in food service and
food packaging. The report that they previously
had was actually good, but I felt I wanted a
challenge in redesigning something that already
looked good.

Designing K-12

Teaching K-12 was a publishing piece that I wrote
and designed to educate fellow designers about the
possibilities of the changing educational system for
younger students. It mainly focuses on the no-child-
left-behind act and how this can cripple the creative
fields of youth education.
Red Eyed Tree Frog

Red Eyed Tree Frog

The photo shown here is from the information
graphics piece that I created about the Red-Eyed
Tree Frog for a class project. I fully researched
the animal I chose and then created informative
plates to explain all about the fasinating creature.
The ten plates that were made originally fit into a
unique folder that was designed like a leaf. Every
illustration in this set was done from scratch.

Cake Magazine

This was an article spread that I had written
and designed for the student-created magazine
called Chicago Arts, Knowledge, and Entertainment,
(Cake). Each quater this magazine is created from
the ground up by the students in this class, and
only the students in this class. Everything from
advertisement, fundraising, articles, design
standards and more was done all by the students
in ten weeks.
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